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Our Alumni are an elite class of individuals who have laid the ground work and paved the way for the United Gosus of today. We celebrate the accomplishments of our past members, whether they remain in contact with us, retire completely, and/or move on to other prospects.

Alexander Francke
Ali Fawaz
Amir Ashour
Besnik Kajtazi
Björn Schmidt
David Dursun
Janis Strelnieks
Marcel Cremer
Manuel de Oliviera
Max Hömig
Michael Martin
Michel Grüner
Mike Nguyen
Roland Gress
Tim Rettig
Thomas Berziek
Xilian Liu
Yvonne Gubser

Bobby Barone
Federico Zoppini
Helena Heredia
Julian Wong
Lauren Tan
Long Dao
PJ Tierney
Rodrigo Togores
Sorosh Saberian
Stephan Sluis
Umut Serin

Patrik Rieder

Simon He