Galileo De Obaldia

My name is Galileo De Obaldia, and I´m from Panama. I´m 26 years old, and currently working as a Finance Manager for Procter & Gamble. I´ve been playing Yu-Gi-Oh! for around 4-5 years, and it´s been an amazing experience – from making many great friends, to traveling all over the world, to the sheer adrenaline of playing against thousands of players, to the unbelievable experience of being World Champion.

Apart from Yu-Gi-Oh!, my favourite hobbies are traveling, which of course, Yu-Gi-Oh! helps with!, and playing sports, mainly football and basketball. I´m not much of a gamer, YGO is really the only game I play, but I have always been a sports fanatic! The competitiveness each of these hobbies provides me with, gives me a purpose to try and be the best I can be.

Date of Birth: March 4, 1989
Place of Birth: Panama City, PAN
Residence: Panama City, PAN
Position: Player
Member Since: 2011
Dueling Network: GalileoDeObaldia
Favourite Card:  Gorz the Emissary of Darkness
“Gorz is beastly”