Tournament Report – Top 32 – South American WCQ by Juan S. Andrade

On June 20, 2019 by Raymond Torres

Hi UG family, Juan S. Andrade here writing a new tournament report after a really long time.

This weekend I played the South American WCQ in Chile (fun fact it was the largest SAWCQ so far)

It’s been a while since I last visited Chile. My last time here was when I played the YCS Santiago in march 2018, so I had a good memory from this place, this was more than just the main event, my teammate Galo Orbea was playing for his spot for worlds in the worlds points system playoff on friday so I couldn’t miss this event. I arrived late on Friday and couldn’t be at the venue at the time the playoff started.

For the past weeks I’ve been testing a lot with my teammates and realized I didn’t want to play Salamangreat or Sky Striker, I just don’t like the deck at all and I prefer to play something I‘m comfortable with, especially in the mirror match. So at this point my only options were Orcust and Thunder dragon, both of them are combo decks with a high ceiling and a lot of resources, but after testing I chose Thunder.

So I was there once again looking to cease my thirst for a spot in the World Championship, the rounds started and I had 2 Byes due to the UDS belt (awesome perk to be honest).

My round report:

R3: Sky striker (W)
R4: Salamangreat (W)
R5: Salamangreat (W)
R6: Orcust, dino, shaddoll, trickstar, pk (L)
R7: Orcust (W)
R8: Sky striker (W)
R9: Orcust (L)
Top 64: Orcust (W)
Top 32: Orcust (L)

Nevertheless I lost in Top 32. I’m really happy with my performance in this event. I ended 8th after swiss and lost to my good friend Arnold.

This event was a rollercoaster of emotions not for me but for my friend Nicolas who managed to take his deck all the way to the top of the event and proclaimed himself  the South American champion 2019! With this we got 2 players currently qualified for worlds (Galileo De Obaldia via playoff and Nicolas Vera by winning the SAWCQ) .I would also like to congratulate Michel Verissimo for getting his spot for Worlds in this weekend‘s playoff!

Before ending this report, I would like to give a shout out to our sponsors Ultimate Guard and Owayo, to all my teammates from United Gosus & friends that helped out with the deck building (especially to: Dinh Khang Pham/Galo Orbea/Carlo Carrillo), my test partner in real life Nicolas Vera. To Gino Poggi, Marco Campoverde and Cristian Toledo for lending me the whole deck cores of the decks I was testing with. Last but not least to Jose Castillo, Carlos, Rafita, Leiner and my friends from Team Frogs for the awesome hospitality in Chile, finally to Hernan for the last minute prize card that Arnold forgot. Sorry if I forgot someone but I love you all, it was a great event with a lot of emotional moments and I am looking forward to the next event.

Now we are all going to focus on the EUWCQ and UG taking on the mission to conquer Worlds!