United Gosus Ranking | FAQ

How can you find it?
There are three ways to get to the ranking page: There is a link in the header and the footer on this website or you can access it directly under http://www.unitedgosus.com/ranking.

Which tournaments are included?
It includes the premiere events: Shonen Jump Championships (SJC), Pharaoh Tour Championships (PT), Fortune Tour Championships (FT), Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series (YCS), World Championship Qualifiers (WCQ) and the World Championships (WC). We excluded Regionals because they are different in each Region and you can’t really compare an American Regional to an European Regional. We also excluded the European Nationals because we couldn’t get all the needed data from the internet (missing coverages, results, etc.). Non-Konami sanctioned events were excluded.

What are the filters and how do they work?
Events can be filtered by Continent (Europe, North America, Central America, South America, World and All). If you choose Europe then only European Events will be used for the ranking. The same goes for North America, Central America and South America. The continent World is only used for the World Championship tournaments. If you want to see who is the best player at World Championships then you should filter for World. If you choose All then all events from all continents are included (also the World Championships).

Events can be filtered by the Tournament Type (PT, FT, SJC, YCS, WCQ, WC and All). If you want to know who is/was the best player at the Shonen Jump Championships then choose SJC for example.

Events can be filtered by Year (20042015). This can be useful to find out the best player for a certain year or period of time.

You can sort the results either by the Player Name (alphabetically), the number of reached Tops, the amount of United Gosus Points (UGP) or the number of Tournament Wins. You can also choose in what order the results should be displayed (Ascending or Descending).

After you chose all your options just hit the Update Ranking/Update Player button depending on where you are and the filter will start to work.

How do I get to the Player view?
Just click on one Player Name (eg. Claudio Kirchmair) and you will be switched to the player view. It will display you all the tournament results of the Player.

How do I get to the Events view?
Just click on one Event Name (eg. SJC Los Angeles) on the Player view and you will be switched to the Event view. It will display you all the players and their result from the Event.

What does UGP stand for and how do you value it?
UGP is short for “United Gosus Points”. We calculated the UGP according to the prize support by Konami. We separated the tournaments into 3 tiers: tier 3 includes SJC/PT/FT/YCS, tier 2 includes WCQ and tier 1 includes WC. For each tier you will get different UGPs depending on your result.

Placement | Tournament Type Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
1st 45 30 20
2nd 32 24 16
3rd 22 15 10
4th 18 12 8
Top 8 13 9 6
Top 16 5 3
Top 32 3 2
Top 64 2 1

Who is included?
Everyone who has topped one of the tournaments mentioned above.

How can I reset the settings?
Just hit the Reset Ranking button and the ranking list will go back to it’s default settings.

What software was used?
It is a combination of PHP and Javascript. You have to keep in mind that the content of the site will be updated but not the site itself if you press the buttons. Therefore you should avoid to use the back function of your browser because it will direct you to the page you visited before!

Missing tournament data
If you have any information about the results of the following events, please contact us on our Facebook Page or send an email to info@unitedgosus.com to include them.

  • 2005 PT Final Belgium
  • 2005 PT Final Ferrara
  • 2005 PT Final London
  • 2005 PT Final Netherlands
  • 2005 PT Final Slovenia
  • 2005 PT Greece
  • 2006 PT Final Firenze
  • 2006 PT Greece
  • 2007 PT Final Birmingham
  • 2007 PT Final Sweden
  • 2007 PT Greece
  • 2007 PT Kirkcaldy
  • 2007 PT Sheffield
  • 2007 PT Sunderland
  • 2008 Millenium Paris
  • 2008 PT Final Australia
  • 2009 FT Final New Zealand
  • 2009 FT Final Slovenia

Something is wrong/incomplete?
Please contact us on our Facebook Page or send an email to info@unitedgosus.com to solve this issue as soon as possible.