The overarching goal of ULTIMATE GUARD is to enrich the market with products that gamers and collectors really need, and which can be easily sourced and sold by retailers in a convenient and reliable way.

Staying closely in touch with the entire user community and with all partners in our supply chain is a key element of our operation. Artists, collectors, players, gamers and electronic device users, along with the ever changing conditions and requirements for protection and storage products all combine to define our flexible product line. This makes us truly a «living» company that is always ready to head out in new directions.

Combining advanced functionality, intelligent design, premium quality and economic pricing; ULTIMATE GUARD‘s mission is to provide specialized protection and storage solutions to the collector, gaming and electronic devices markets around the world.

For more information, please visit www.ultimateguard.com.

Owayo Story

Like many other successful business ideas, owayo was conceived over a few pints. The initial concept was created by 3 athletes. The goal was to offer athletes, clubs and sponsors a better way to order their dream sportswear. Today, over 90 employees work together to provide each customer with an unmatched experience when creating their individual sports apparel.


owayo produces high end customisable sports apparel made exclusively in Europe. The pillars of our mission statement are top quality products, quick lead times and a friendly customer-oriented service team.


Founded in 2001, owayo was conceived during a night at the pub. Fifteen years later, we are completing orders for customers in 167 countries. The business that initially started as a 3 man venture, now encompasses an operational area of 4800 sqm. All employees are active athletes, incorporating their multifaceted experiences every day on the job.


Driven by the enthusiasm of sports, our employees have established multiple different sports teams to allow employees to pursue their passions for ice hockey, football, cycling and running. Our owayo sport groups are especially beneficial for product development. Our avid athletes work closely with our R&D department – offering valuable feedback to ensure our products meet the demands of athletes doing what they love.

Manufactured in Germany – Worn Worldwide

Many brands do not possess their own means of production. Instead, they contract their work to the highest bidder in some foreign country to cut costs. In contrast, we’ve made a conscious decision to manufacture our products in Germany. Having our own infrastructure and production facilities allows us to control the production process from start to finish, guaranteeing the best working conditions to our employees and highest quality standards for our customers.

For more information, please visit en.owayo.com.