Tournament Report – Top 8 – Panama Nationals by Galileo De Obaldia

On May 21, 2019 by Claudio Kirchmair

Foto Credit: Konami Digital Entertainment B.V.

Hi everyone, Galy here with a quick report from my Panamanian nationals.
I haven´t had much of a chance to play since the ban list was made effective, so all my preparation was down watching a couple of profiles and talking to friends.

I wasn´t sure if Sky Striker was the best choice, but it was the only deck I could borrow (Thanks Yi for going to Japan and leaving me your deck 😊). I was hanging out at a friend´s house with a million ideas on how to play it but decided to go to sleep and wake up early to finish putting it together.
That plan didn´t go too well, as I overslept (This happens more often than what I would like!) and woke up AFTER registration was supposed to be closed. I almost went back to bed but decided to give the organizers a ring just in case (Better safe than sorry!) and somehow, they were running late, which gave me enough time to get ready and get to the event.
My friend Tomas helped me writing a “standard” list based on what we talked about the night before while I was driving to the event, and that´s what I went with, grabbing some last-minute cards which I was missing. Highly prepared as always!

NOTE: The decklist will be published after Galileo played the
Central America World Championship Qualifier (7 – 9 June). So come back here if you want to see his Sky Striker list.

R1: Salamangreat 2 – 1
G1: Very weird game. We both start slow (No Raye / Gazelle). I eventually can play but do my best to not run into a Phantzmai and eventually grind it out.
G2: Imperial Order turn 1.
G3: Mystic Mine is pretty good sometimes.

Standing: 1-0-0

R2: Sky Striker 2 – 1 (He made top 8)
G1: Brick and scoop turn 2 vs. a good opening.
G2: Long grindy game that I pull out.
G3: We are close to time but he doesn´t open enough search cards to burn the clock.

Standing: 2-0-0

R3: Mekk Knight Invoked 2 – 0
G1 / 2: Sky striker is a better deck.

Standing: 3-0-0

R4: Salamangreat draw (He won the event)
G1: I open very sub-par vs. full combo, but Mystic Mine got me there.
G2: I was ahead, but two perfect top-decks turned the game around.
G3: We are close to time, and I had a way to get to Raye + Super Poly, but not enough time on the clock to do everything. I went straight to BP and attacked for game with Violet Chimera, unfortunately he had the only out – rage.

Standing: 3-1-0

R5: Salamangreat (I do not remember this match!)

Standing: 4-1-0

R6: Salamangreat 0 – 2 (He made top 8)
G1: I misplayed by not chaining a Widow Anchor to my own Engage which cost me the game.
G2: I drew sub-par and he had perfect counters to my plays.

Standing: 4-1-1

R7: Sky Striker 2 – 0
G1: He opens Shizuku set 2, and I had Ash + Twin (Sorry!).
G2: He made a small misplay (He had perfect information to play around it but didn´t) that ended up having multiple consequences down the line.
Top 8 is announced and I am paired against the worst match up – Danger! Thunder, the other decks were 2 Sky, 1 Altergeist and 3 Salamangreat. As I didn´t expect many in the event, my side was not good enough and I expected it to be a very difficult round. It was even worse than that!

Final Record after Swiss: 5-1-1

Top 8: Danger! Thunder 0 – Infinite Destruction
G1: I lose the die roll, and he full combos.
G2: I summon Shizuku and pass with 2 set. He summons Denko Sekka and hits correctly off the dangers and OTKs.

Fun match! The last 3 events (YCS Guatemala vs. Paulo and YCS Quito vs. Salaman) have been very similar, losing in the top-cut without really playing – which has been a little frustrating.
All in all, despite not being able to get my 4th national title, it was a great event, and served as good preparation for the World Championship playoffs & WCQ. Next up – YCS Knoxville.

Galy is still leading the race for Worlds by Points in Central America and we hope that he will defend his first place during the next events.

Central America – Points (Date: 21.05.2019)

I hope you liked my report and see you next time :)
– Galy