Simon He

Photo Credit: Ute Kahle

I was born in China and migrated to England when I was 7 years old. I started playing the game at the age of 12, entered my first event shortly afterwards and won. I loved the competitive atmosphere and decided to carry on.

In Yu-Gi-Oh!, the feeling of walking into a hall with thousands of participants is an adrenaline rush for me, there aren’t many teenagers who compete against one another with those kind of numbers.

My Philosophy in this game has always been that losing is the best way to learn, there are always improvements to be made, no matter how good you are; luck is just and excuse!

Date of Birth:
Place of Birth: People’s Republic of China
Residence: Nottingham, UK
Position: Alumni (Player)
Member Since: 2012
Dueling Network: SimonHe


Premier Non-Premier
2012 YCS Providence – Top 8
2012 YCS Sheffield – Top 8
2012 WCQ: European Championship – Top 16
2012 YCS Toulouse – Top 16
2012 YCS Long Beach – 2nd Place
2012 YCS Leipzig – Top 8
2009 PT Final UK – Top 8
2008 SJC Costa Mesa – Top 16
2008 PT Final UK – 2nd Place
2007 PT Final UK – Top 8
2006 UK National Championship – Top 8
2006 PT Final UK – Top 4

Top Ranked Player in UK for 3 years under UDE Rankings

2009 UkayPro Championship – 2nd place
2006 Battle City 1 – Top 16