Peter Gross


Hi, my Name is Peter Gross. I’m 23 years old and I live in Vienna (Austria) where I study Law. Believe it or not, but I started playing even before the game was released in Europe! Fascinated by the manga, a friend and I bought Japanese cards and imagined effects according to their pictures. Since then I never quit the game, although I paused from time to time.

What I love about Yu-Gi-Oh! is that I have made great friendships over the years and it encourages me to travel all over Europe. Whenever there is a YCS/EC I arrive two or three days prior to do some sightseeing. I am known to be an aggressive, fair and creative player. My slogan in Yu-Gi-Oh! is: „Zwo, Eins, Risiko!“. I’d rather run into a Starlight Road and lose than let someone bluff me.

Apart from Yu-Gi-Oh! I spent my spare time to play some squash (racket ball) or go snowboarding in the winter. I also learn a lot for my study or spend time with my wonderful girlfriend. Like everyone else I enjoy good movies, music and meals.

Date of Birth: April 25, 1992
Place of Birth: Vienna, AUT
Residence: Vienna, AUT
Position: Player
Member Since: 2013
Dueling Network:
Favourite Card:
 Pot of Greed – “I like everything that let’s me draw new cards.”


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