Unfairnity in Berlin

On March 3, 2014 by Rodrigo Togores

Photo Credit: Ricarda Reicher

The extra deck is really standard and self-explanatory but one weird thing is that I chose to play no level 3 Fusion monster. This is due the fact that it’s just a card that helps you getting out of a bad hand and if you are going for your combo then it’s better to go into a level 4 Fusion monster instead. It’s not very often that you need it. It was just cutted because in about 20 games it would only matter in 1 game if you would play it. And that’s a too narrow number of chances.

The side deck strategy was to never touch my combo shell and just change some defensive cards for others which are better in certain matchups.

Dark Hole was against Spellbook, Geargia, Hieratic and Mermail. In other words, decks where they swarm the field pretty fast or where I have to deal with his monsters before I can start my combo.

Mind control is used against slow decks like Geargia, Gadgets or an Antimeta build just to steal their level 4 monsters and XYZ summon them away. I didn’t side it against Fire Fist because I usually need to deal with their monsters when they are summoned and it’s not strong enough to use it afterwards. I also sided it against Fire Kings because it prevents their graveyard effects.

Nobleman of Crossout was just for Geargia but I would also use it against the Gravekeeper deck if I would face it. Geargia is a very popular deck in Spain and Gravekeeper got some new support cards so I took the safe route and reserved one side deck spot for them ;)

Dimensional Fissure can give you a free win against Mermail and it’s even more broken if you back it up with Number 66: Master Key Beetle. It also works pretty well with my combo because Materials of XYZ are not affected by it.

Zombie World was against Spellbook to negate most of their cards and with a Mystical Space Typhoon as a backup you will win because you can prevent The Grand Spellbook Tower from resolving (this strategy won’t work in the future if there are two separated Field Spell Zones). You can also use it to counter Hieratic because it will prevent his Dragon Ruler monsters to be special summoned from the graveyard. Against the never dying Frog Monarch deck it’s also good but this deck should be a free win and I hope at some point people will stop playing it (the same goes for Chain Burn). You can side it against Bujin because all their effects needs to have a Beast-Warrior-Type monster on the field and it’s also viable against Noble Knight because most of their equipment cards can only be equipped to a Warrior-Type monster. In other words, this card is much stronger than you think.

Dust Tornado is one of the oldest side deck cards ever. You usually switch it with your Night Beams game 2 to deal with their face-up floodgate cards. And you also have the possibility to use the second effect and destroy one of your opponent’s back row cards and the end phase and set your Infernity Barrier afterwards for your own turn. This is a safe way to protect the Infernity Barrier from too early destruction.

Full House is the match winner against all back row heavy decks like Fire Fist, Evilswarm or Spellbooks. If you get it off then the game is over.

Overworked is still the best card against Fire Fist. Nothing more needs to be said here ;)

The random Trap Stun was for all the decks where I had to combo in one turn and grinding would not work everytime. This includes Evilswarm, real Antimeta decks and Geargia but not Fire Fist because they don’t play too many real traps that you have to fear.

Here’s a video which explains the basic combos of the deck and you will be able to learn the quick by yourself:

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