Rieder’s Madrid Masters Report

On February 15, 2014 by Claudio Kirchmair

Photo Credit: Ricarda Reicher


Top 16: 1st Round Opponent w/ INFERNITY (2-0)
Game One: I gain advantage and win. I sided the same as in Round 1.

Game Two: I discard Atlantean Marksman and Atlantean Dragoons to special summon Mermail Abyssmegalo and my opponent chains Vanity’s Emptiness. I destroy his Infernity Barrier with the Atlantean Marksman, Vanity’s Emptiness goes off the field and I search Mermail Abyssleed with Atlantean Dragoons. Then I pitch Mermail Abyssleed and Mermail Abyssgunde to special summon my Mermail Abyssmegalo again, get back the Mermail Abyssleed  and search an Abyss-sphere. After that I destroy Infernity Necromancer in battle and summon Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack in the Main Phase 2 to destroy my opponent’s set Infernity Break. At the end of my turn my opponent destroys my Abyss-sphere with his set Dust Tornado.

He tries to set up the combo for next round by summoning his Armageddon Knight to send Infernity Archfiend to the grave. I draw Breakthrough Skill for the my turn, then decide to use Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack’s effect to destroy his single face-down card, a Mystical Space Typhoon. Afterwards I use my Dark Hole to get rid of his Armageddon Knight and set the Breakthrough Skill. I continue to attack on the next turn and he concedes on the next turn.

Top 8: Rodrigo Togores w/ INFERNITY (2-1)
Game 1: Rodrigo started with the combo and build a massive field, also containing Abyss Dweller, so I had no way out and conceded the first game. I sided the same cards as in the previous rounds.

Game 2: I cannot remember this Game, but somehow I won.

Game 3: I combo on the first turn and he finishes with 2 cards face-down. I continue the pressure by normal summoning Mermail Abysspike and discard Mermail Abyssgunde to search Atlantean Marksman. Then I special summon Mermail Abyssturge with Mermail Abyssgunde and then use his effect to discard Atlantean Marksman and target Mermail Abyssgunde. Marksman destroys a set Infernity Break, then I special my second Mermail Abyssteus, XYZ-summoning Mermail Abyssgaios and after the attacks I special summon Abyss Dweller and set Abyss-sphere to end my turn. After activating Abyss Dweller’s effect in his Standby Phase, there is not much left to do for him, so he just sets a monster and ends. I activate Abyss-sphere on my turn and that forces him to concede the game ;)

Top 4: Antonio Ripoll w/ GEARGIA (0-2)
The games are also on recorded and can be viewed here.

I misplayed in the games against Antonio, therefore he deserved to win.

Congratulations to Juanmanuel Lopez for winning the Trip to the Caribbean. In the end, I won a tablet, a booster box and a mat, so it was a pretty successful trip. Moreover, the atmosphere was really great, as no one was unsportsmanlike or tried to do something sleezy. Claudio, Rodrigo and I entered the sealed side event but it was only Claudio who made it to the final. There he lost because he made some little mistakes.

In the evening, the three of us were so exhausted from playing the whole weekend, that we could only grab some food and go to sleep. On Monday, we bought some spanish ham, as it is a real delicacy. Then we made our way to the airport at 1PM to fly back home. Altogether, it was a great weekend in Spain. I met many great people and it was awesome to see Rodrigo again.

The next trip will be to YCS Berlin and I hope to see you there. Remember, “Play Fair or Stay Home!”

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