YCS Providence Results

On October 22, 2012 by Kyle Schrader

Top Cut Meta Analysis
Machines continue to dominate as the format progresses. Wind-Ups maintained their 30+% control of the Top Cut, but saw no increase and were thoroughly dissected as the playoffs played out – one really has to wonder if these toys are on the brink of slowly down. Geargia managed to pull out a win, but their playoff control remained stagnant. Machina took up a slot, but ultimately lost the momentum it had started to build. Finally, on the mechanical front, Eltanin Beat made its Premier playoff beat and it will be interesting to see what this walking Dark Hole will do in the future.

Agents saw a rather large jump from Indianapolis, and may be establishing themselves as a contender, but it is far too early to tell. Elsewhere, Chaos Dragons appear to have lost all their steam. The rest of the Top 32 consisted of a who’s who of one-off decks to round out a very exciting top cut. Although, it is really difficult to assume any of those decks will build any momentum moving forward.

Currently, we are sitting in a still very diverse meta where any deck shows promise of clinching a playoff birth. Side deck space is becoming increasingly precious.

As a final note, the Atlanteans made very little impact during there first YCS. However, this, and the slight centralization of the format around Machine-based deck could drastically change in Tacoma once Abyss Rising is legal and the Atlanteans gains its Mermail support.

United Gosus at Providence
Simon He attended YCS Providence and finished in the Top 8, his decklist is viewable here.

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