YCS – Buenos Aires tournament reports by Juan Sebastian Andrade (1st place) and Galo Orbea (TOP32)

On December 8, 2017 by Valerio Zucco

Hello again, UG nation!
Yet again, it’s been a while, I’m here with a quick Tournament Report from YCS Buenos Aires. Obviously, I managed to get more playtesting in for this event than for YCS Prague. I think I should have played at Prague and then gone on my short visit to Europe rather than viceversa. It all worked out though since I was able to attend Buenos Aires the week after Prague.

I’ll start with the build I decided to go with, it’s very similar to Adrian Dursun’s and Raphael Neven’s builds from YCS Prague:


Monsters: 22
1SPYRAL Quik-Fix
3SPYRAL Super Agent
1 SPYRAL GEAR – Last Resort
1SPYRAL Master Plan
1SPYRAL Sleeper
1Blackwing – Gofu the Vague Shadow
3Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring
3Ghost Reaper & Winter Cherries
1 Maxx “C”
3 PSY-Framegear Gamma
1 PSY-Frame Driver

Spells: 15
3SPYRAL Resort
3Foolish Burial Goods
1Reinforcement of the Army
1 One for One
1 Foolish Burial

Traps: 4
2 Evenly Matched

Extra Deck: 15
1 Coral Dragon
1Ancient Fairy Dragon
1 PSY-Framelord Omega
1 Sylvan Princessprite
1 Number 41: Bagooska the Terribly Tired Tapir

1 Link Spider
1Proxy Dragon
1 Ib the World Chalice Priestess
2 SPYRAL Double Helix
1 Decode Talker
1 Ningirsu the World Chalice Warrior
1 Gaia Saber, the Lightning Shadow
1 Firewall Dragon
1 Borreload Dragon

Side Deck: 15
3 PSY-Framegear Epsilon
3 Magical Spring
2 Twin Twisters
1Dark Hole
3 Mind Crush
2 Evenly Matched
2 SPYRAL GEAR – Utility Wire

ycs argentina deck
Juan Sebastian Andrade and Galo Orbea’s decklist

There isn’t too much I want to say about this now standard going second build besides the fact that the dimension of skill this format involves playing around hand traps, going for game through Winter Cherries and/or Ash Blossom and most importantly playing mind games when deciding who will go first/second.

Top 32

Diceroll: Lost


Country: Argentina

Result: 0-2

1 & 2

Diceroll: – Deck: – Country: – Result: 2-0
Noteable moves:

Both Juan Sebastian and I had VIP status along with 2 round byes.


Diceroll: Won Deck: SPYRAL Country: Argentina Result: 2-1
Noteable moves:

Game 1: I pass, he could go full combo and OTK me but leaves me with 1900 LP. I try to grind back but end up losing the game.

Game 2: I decide to go second, we pass for a few turns until I can OTK through Cherries.

Game 3: I go first, get Cherried but make a solid board.


Diceroll: Lost Deck: Paleozoic Country: Argetina Result: 1-2
Noteable moves:

Game 1: He goes first sets up a board, I can’t both get rid of Toad and make plays.

Game 2: Went first and out resource him.

Game 3: I lose to Toad plus Unending Nightmare.


Diceroll: Lost Deck: ABC Stun Country: Argentina Result: 2-1
Noteable moves:

Game 1: He went first, I stopped his Tsukuyomi with Ash, then Evenly Matched to take it.

Game 2: Same as Game 1, but he had Lancea.

Game 3: Went first, Sleeper got me there.


Diceroll: Won Deck: Pendulum Magician Country: Argentina Result: 2-1
Noteable moves:

Game 1: After grinding he only had one scale, then he topdecked Joker.

Game 2: Went second, Magical Spring into Evenly Matched got me there.

Game 3: Maxx C into Evenly Matched plujs Dark Hole for Tapir won me the game.


Diceroll: Lost Deck: SPYRAL Country: Argentina Result: 0-2
Noteable moves:

Game 1: Went first, then got OTK’d.

Game 2: Went second, didn’t open handtraps, lost soon


Diceroll: Lost Deck: SPYRAL Country: Argentina Result: 2-1
Noteable moves:

Game 1: My opponent sat down with 20 seconds to spare, went second, Droned me and then OTK’d me.

Game 2: He didn’t smokescreen when siding, so I went first.

Game 3: He didn’t smokescreen again, so I assumed I would go first, he made me go second, I drew handtraps and got lucky.


Diceroll: Won Deck: Pendulum Magician Country: Argentina Result: 2-1
Noteable moves:

Game 1: He opened Tapir but I hit Super Agent into Helix so I was able to run over it.

Game 2: Had Evenly Matched but my One for One got Ashed.

Game 3: I went first since he saw me Magical Spring him, so I decided to go first, I had Gofu and Field but got Gammaed on my Helix. Ended with a sub par board but it got me there, Utility Wire was broken.

Noteable moves:

Game 1: He chose to go first and just passed so I tried going for game, he had Cherries. I could have won on my following turn but I misplayed when I could have checked his top deck and instead I just guessed wrong with Agent.

Game 2: I went first and bricked, he just OTK’d me.

My final record at the end of swiss was 7-2, I ended up making top cut finishing in 11th place. This was also the first South American YCS with a cut to Top 32. So, we basically had to play an extra round more than the usual 8 rounds but it was interesting because all X-2-1 made the top cut. After losing, I wasn’t mad since my game 1 loss was entirely my fault, if I had playtested a bit more I could have at least taken it to game 3. For the rest of Day 2, I got to hangout and watch Juan Sebastian make it all the way to his YCS win.

Finally, I would like to thank United Gosus, our sponsors, and everyone who let me borrow cards.
I’ll see everyone at the upcoming events in South America and a few in the United States.
Take care until then, duelists!

Hello guys,
Juan Sebastian back again with a new tournament report, this time from YCS – Buenos Aires in Argentina .

Last time I wrote a report, it was from Mexico were I ended up finishing in second place of the YCS Guadalajara and in that moment I made a promise to myself (to take revenge and win a YCS) and I was focused on the next event looking forward to accomplish my vow.

The day of the event has come, the rounds started and the venue was crowded with really good players and an awesome judge staff.

I played a 42 card going second Spyral deck, and here’s a short review of my rounds:

Round: 1&2 I had two byes for my VIP status I had previously won for this event. Result: –
Round: 3 Against Invoked, game 2 I mind crush calling invocation making him discard 2 copies of it and conceding. Result: 2-0
Round: 4 Game 3 we were on extra turns and he used Spyral Gear Utility Wire on my Spyral Gear Drone leaving me with no way to make double helix and next turn he otked me. Result: 1-2
Round: 5 Epsilon and evenly matched were mvps. Result: 2-0
Round: 6 Spyral Sleeper didn’t let him play and I ashed his Trickstar Reincarnation so he couldn’t pull off the Droll And Lockbird handless combo. Result: 2-0
Round: 7 Once again Utility Wire won him the game. Result: 1-2
Round: 8 Raigeki was awesome in this match and magical spring gave me the cards I needed to take control of the game. Result: 2-0
Round: 9 It was a really hard match with a long grind game. Result: 1-1
Top 32 Two swift otks. Result: 2-0
Top 16 Game 1 I gamma his helix and game 2 I cherry him. Result: 2-0
Top 8 Against a friend Rogger Vera who I tested with before the event, the match was so close but I managed to deal just enough damage to win. Result: 2-1
Top 4 First time in topcut I lost game 1 due to evenly matched and I was so afraid this could cost me the tournament but game 2 and 3 were grind games which I managed to turn in my favour. Result: 2-1
Final Against Daniel Velazco, he won game 1, I won game 2 due a Borreload Dragon that also was really important during game 3. In game 3 he chose to start and got an amazing hand that even ash on one for one couldn’t stop, my opening hand was (ash, master plan, driver, mind crush, resort) with a really passive playstyle I manage to make him using all of his resources, then I top-decked spyral resort to add spyral sleeper giving me the final damage in the finals. Result: 2-1

first reactions:

My heart started beating faster, the adrenaline I was feeling was like never before I just jumped off the chair and looked at the ceiling being thankful for having been able to take revenge and becoming a YCS champion. I looked for my friends and gave a huge hug to my teammate Galo with almost tears in my eyes I couldn’t believe that it was true, it’s really hard to describe exactly how I was feeling but it was awesome and really emotional.

Big shout out to my team United Gosus for giving me the decklist that I played, to all my friends and people that either borrowed me cards or supported me by testing with me you made it possible for me to claim this win! THANK YOU!