YCS Barcelona Results

On December 5, 2012 by Kyle Schrader

Top Cut Meta Analysis
YCS Barcelona, much like YCS Brighton last year, consisted of a very streamlined Top Cut. Rabbit may have won the event, but if you look at the changes from the Tacoma, the only deck that really made a statement was Wind-Up:

  • WIND-UP, +18.75%
  • INZEKTOR, +6.25%
  • RABBIT, +/- 0.00%
  • CHAIN BURN ,+/- 0.00%
  • DRAGON, -3.13%
  • MERMAIL, -3.13%
  • AGENT, -6.25%
  • GEARGIA, -6.25%
  • DARK WORLD, -6.25%

Inzektors always picked up some ground following their win in Tacoma, but it is still questionable as to whether or not it will hang on or if it is just a passing fade. As you can see from the above breakdowns, most decks actually lost ground, some completely falling off the competitive map for this format. Time will tell if they can get back on the map or increase their share of the format. However, that will be no easy task, as new challengers arise from Structure Deck: Onslaught of the Fire Kings and Cosmo Blazer as we look forward to YCS Miami, Chile, and Bochum in February of the new year.

United Gosus at Barcelona
Nine members of United Gosus attended YCS Barcelona. Stephan Sluis finished 3rd, while Soner Gungor and Simon He finished in the Top 32, their decklists are viewable here.

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