YCS Atlanta Report Juan Andrade Sebastian

On March 1, 2018 by Soner Güngör

Hello guys Juan Sebastian back again with a new ycs report this time from YCS Atlanta that was held the past weekend.

Here the deckles first:



This was my first premier event at the United States , thankfully it worked out well and I made it all the way to top 32, ending 4th in Swiss rounds with a 10-1 record playing pendulum magician .

A short review of my rounds :

First 2 rounds were byes for VIP status

Round 3 (paleo ) :

lost 1-2 , game 3 he started with mistar boy , toadtoally awesome and anti spell fragrance nothing to do really

Round 4 (trickstar) :

won 2-1 game 3 I otked him

Round 5 (pendulum) :

won 2-1 this was my first mirror match of the day but a wavering eyes in game 3 gave me the game

Round 6 (ABC) :

won 2-1 , this was a though match up as he started game 3 with a really solid board but at the end evenly matched do it’s thing .

Round 7 (paleo) :

won 2-1 , after losing game 1 I was getting so nervous but thankfully i was able to take game 3 in time in a really hard grind game.

Round 8 (trickstar) :

won 2-1 , an ash in game 3 gave me the win.

Round 9 (pendulum) :

won 2-0

Round 10 (pendulum) :

won 2-0

Round 11 (pendulum) :

won 2-0 , played against the last undefeated player and wavering eyes was the key to take this match .

Top 32 (spyral) :

Lost 1-2 , game 3 he dimensional barrier me two times and I wasn’t able to play at all .


overall it was a really good event , I experienced a totally new yugioh environment, saw a lot of recognised players and have such a great time with my friends. Now I’m looking forward to the next event !


Author: Juan Sebastian Adrade