World Qualifier Results: Week 7-8

On June 7, 2012 by Kyle Schrader

Top Cut Meta Analysis
Rabbit is clearly still quite dominant here, but the meta is more diverse than YCS Philadelphia. Dragons are still giving Rabbit quite run for its money in terms of meta dominance. Wind-Up, having a favorable Dragon match-up, are starting to return to the Top Cut in a big way. It would be a good idea to make side deck space for this match-up again, if you have not been doing so lately. Finally, Inzektors join Heros and Dark World, who, despite taking up a total of 8 slots of the Top 32, continue to decline downward in meta dominance throughout the swiss rounds.

Official coverage from the event can be found here.

United Gosus at WCQ: German National Championship
Eight (2 Players, 2 Player Interns, 4 Alumni) members of United Gosus competed at the WCQ: German National Championship. You can find their decklists here.

1st Place – Reto Canova w/ INZEKTOR

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