Tournament Report from WCQ Regionals: Brussel

On November 28, 2013 by Sébastien Gonzalez

Hi Everyone!

Today I want to show you my tournament report from the WCQ Regionals: Brussel. I played 7 rounds with my Dragon Ruler deck and finished second. If you haven’t seen my decklist then you can review it here.


Round 1 VS Monteiro Xavier (Exodia Piper)

Game 1: I won easily with Star Eater and some MST/PWWB in End Phase against his Waboku/Roar.

Game 2: I summoned Star Eater quickly and won with the help of Debunk, Divine Wrath and an End Phase MST.



Round 2 VS Destiné Anthony (Bujin)

Game 1: I have a very good opening hand, with the Ravine/Debris/Trigon combo. I made only one Dracossack because I kept one Dragon to discard for my PWWB (and I also have MST). I won few turns later thanks to Black Rose Dragon and some attacks of dragons with an open field.

Game 2: He started with 4 s/t set. I summon Card Trooper and he can’t stop him two turns in a row. The third turn, with one more Tidal’s attack, it was enough to win.



Round 3 VS Henebert Florent (Dragunity Stardust Dragon/Assault Mode)

Game 1: He opened with the Dux/Phalanx combo but I have Maxx “C”, so he stopped. He finished defenseless so in my first turn I summoned Crimson Blader. I destroyed his Dux and OTKed him during my next turn.

Game 2: He started by summoning Phalanx. Then he summoned Mystletainn and when he activated his effect I discarded Maxx “C”. He didn’t stop and summoned an other Mystletainn to summon Phalanx again, then he XYZ summoned Atum and made his effect to summon REDMD. He reborned one Mystletainn and summoned Stardust Dragon. Finally he discarded Assault Beast and set two s/t. I drew and he flipped his Patrik Mode … euhm … Assault Mode Activate. I began my turn with 12 cards in hand. First, I banished Tidal for Sword, drew two and searched an other Tidal. I made Tempest’s effect to search Trigon, and discarded it for Blaster’s effect to target his Stardust Dragon/Assault Mode. He obviously negated him. I summoned Debris Dragon and made Black Rose Dragon, destroying successfully his field. I reborned Blaster with the help of Redox and attacked. I set 4 (Debunk, Trap Stun, Torrential Tribute and an other card I don’t remember) and ended my long (Dao?) turn. In my End Phase he reborned his Stardust. He attacked and destroyed my Blaster. Next turn I summoned Corsesca and activated Torrential. He negated and I won by summoning my dragons.



Round 4 VS Hammoumi Achraf (Dragon Ruler)

Game 1: He started with the Ravine/Debris/Trigon combo, but I had Maxx “C” and also a very good hand. I drew three cards thanks to Sixth Sense and destroyed one of his monsters with Crimson Blader. He scooped because he knew that he couldn’t win.

Game 2: He started again with the combo but one more time I had Maxx “C”. Next turn I banished his Ancient Fairy Dragon thanks to Orient Dragon. After several turns I activated Return and I won shortly after.



Round 5 VS Tubbax Tom (Dragon Ruler)

Game 1: I quickly attacked with Blaster and played aggressively with a Return on two Tidal and one Redox. He survived with 1000 Life Points because he destroyed one of my Tidal with Raigeki Break but discarded Corsesca so I knew he had a bad hand. In the next turn he tried to defend himself with Ancient Fairy Dragon and Redox but I destroyed them with Dracossack and Blaster’s effect.

Game 2: I won 8000-0, he had a lot of traps (Debunk etc.) but not enough dragons.



Round 6 VS Bernard Jean-Lou (Dragon Ruler)

Game 1: The game is balanced until he activated Return. I lost shortly after.

Game 2: He took a big advantage with a very early and well placed Black Rose Dragon, I didn’t manage to come back in the game.



Round 7 VS Faes Sebastian (Dragunity Ruler)

Game 1: I started with Sixth Sense set. He guessed it and started with the Dux/Phalanx combo. I had Maxx “C” so he stopped by summoning HTS Psyhemuth. Next turn I drew three or four cards with Sixth Sense and I won shortly after.

Game 2: It was much more balanced but I managed to successfully summon a Crimson Blader which will help me to gain the game.



Overall Conclusion
I liked to play that build and it worked very well against non-dragons decks too. I didn’t have a lot of bad hands so I think it’s consistent even if I made two changes compared to Patrik’s build that won YCS London. I can recommend you to playtest the maximum you can against good players and to be always focused at 100% to avoid some misplays. I also wish everyone good luck if they attend at the 125th YCS in Turin this weekend.


Sébastien Gonzalez is an Intern of United Gosus and has been a member since 2013. For more information on Sébastien check out his member profile.