Tournament Report 4th Place YCS Chile

On May 3, 2018 by Soner Güngör

Hi UG family, Juan S. Andrade here writing a new tournament report. This time from the latest YCS held in South America

“YCS Chile” . 

This was a special event due to all my world points competitors being present at the event. In order to keep the 1st place in world points, I had to give 101% of my everything. 

I’m not going to lie, I was really anxious and nervous at the very start. I just came from bubbling at ycs Memphis and Costa Rica, so I couldn’t afford to not top . I wondered what the best deck choice would be. Because of the recent results from the past YCS’s/regionals and the variety of this format, I opted for playing a deck that was good going first or second and that also had a good match agaisnt pendulum magician. I decided to play True Draco, as I played in Memphis but with some changes .

The event was the biggest South America YCS, with 381 duelists. The tournament was 9 rounds of swiss with a 32 top cut. 

My round report :

R3: Pendulum Magician Zexal (L) 

R4: Dinos (w)

R5: Pendulum magician  (L)

R6: ABC (w)

R7: BA (w)

R8: Mekk Invoked (w)

R9: True Draco (w)

Top 32: Trickstar (w)

Top 16: ABC (w)

Top 8: Pendulum (w)

Top 4: Ftk (lost)

Nevertheless I lost in top 4. I was really happy with my performance in the event. I went from a 3-2 record  in round 5, to winning out till top 4. In the top 4, I lost to a friend from the UK who ended up in 2nd place.

This event was a rollercoaster of emotions. At one point I was about to give up, but my teammate Galo Orbea cheered me up with a “friendly punch”. This motivated me, so I continued playing and gratefully made it to top cut. I ended 17th at the end of swiss .

Before ending this report, I would like to give a shout out to all my teammates from United Gosus & friends that helped out with the deck building (especially to: Adrian Dursun/Galo Orbea/Nicolas Vera), the testing and lending me cards . Also to Sebastian Salvatierra (aka Ardilla) for his awesome hospitality in Chile. It was an amazing trip that put me one step closer to 2018 World Championship.  

Until the next report ^^