The New Forbidden & Limited List January 2014

On December 4, 2013 by Soner Güngör

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We are all bored of the Dragon Rulers and most players want this deck to get punished from the banhammer. If you look at the coverage from YCS Turin last weekend, you can see that nearly half of the 1300 attendees played Dragon Rulers. This is a very high number and let’s be honest, boring as well. I’m predicting that Dragon Ruler will be punished. The two cards which can win games on it’s own, Sixth Sense and Return From The Different Dimension, have to been banned! We all can agree on that.

Then the Dragon Rulers itself, I wouldn’t ban them all. It is enough to limit them to one. By limiting them to one you can still tech them to decks like Geargia/Karakuri (Redox Dragon Ruler Of Boulders) or Mermails (Tidal Dragon Ruler Of Waterfalls) so people can still play their shiny secret rare copy. I would also limit Dragon Ravine. This would shut down Dragon Ruler and of course Dragunity too. If you don’t limit Dragon Ravine then everybody will simply start playing Dragunity again anyway so I put Dragunity Knight Vayrajana on the list as well. I don’t need to touch Sacred Swords Of Seven Stars because limiting all Dragon Rulers and Dragon Ravine to one is already devastating.

Next I would hit Spellbooks and Mermails for the same reason as above. If you punish Tier 1 decks then you have to punish other potentially good decks too. Thus I limited Spellbook Of Secrets and Mermail Abyssteus to one and Spellbook Magician Of Prophecy and Abyss Sphere to two. They would still be good decks to play after this new list.

Evliswarm Ophion is a really strong rank 4 Monster with high attack points and has the ability to stun your opponent like Legendary Samurai Shi En did years before. It is only fair to limit Evilswam Ophion to 1 like Shi En. You do not need many more copies of Evilswarm Ophion again if Dragon Ruler gets punished so hard. If needed, you can still use XYZ Reborn on your dead Evilswarm Ophion.

Limiting Fire Formation Tenki to one is needed because now you have so many targets for it (Fire Fists, Fire Kings and Bujins) and as we know Reinforcement For The Army is also at 1 for a good reason.

For the purpose of new wind I would unban Goyo GuardianElemental Hero Stratos and Heavy StormPlaguespreader Zombie and Mezuki would be more competitive with useful level 6 synchs like Goyo Guardian. Hero fans got almost an heart attack as they saw that Elemental Hero Stratos was banned. So it would be cool to see the Heros again and many people would be very happy about this. About to unban/ban Heavy Storm you can write an entire Article.I don’t want to go so on detail about this Card. Some people like to see it again, some have still nightmares about it (shout out to Fire Fist Players). Heavy Storm was unbanned to push the Tier 3 and Tier 4 decks which are relied on their many Backrows like Fire Fists, Blackwings, T.G. and so on. But now by hitting the top Tier Decks, u can unban Heavy Storm again because im not a fan of people who are setting million back rows without thinking.

Pushing older Tier 3 and Tier 4 Decks, I would like to add Gladiator Beast Bestiari and Blackwing Gale The Whirlwind  to two but cut Black Whirlwind from 3 to 2 as a fair exchange. Neo Spacian Grandmole is already at 2 in the OCG and it would be a nice addition for the TCG to avoid synchros and XYZ monsters. This is the reason why i also would make Book Of Moon at 2.

I really like Chaos decks and adding one more copy of Chaos Sorcerer would make the deck more competitive as we would have the ability to easily summon Norito The Moral Leader or Magi Magi Magician Gal.

Finally I believe that Konami wants to push Lightsworns. We know that they further improve from the upcoming new sets and making Charge Of The Light Brigade to 2 would be an incredible improvement. I wouldn’t be happy about it, but I’m prediciting it.

Which cards would I like to see unlimited?

Tour Guide From The Underworld. What? Yes! I would like to see rank 3 monsters again and without Sangan it isn’t that strong like in the past. You have several hand traps to avoid this card like Maxx C or Effect Veiler. There is no more abuse of Tour Guide From The Underworld for any Wind Up combos that OTK the opponent. Everybody is focused on rank 7 (Dragon Ruler) and rank 4 (Fire Fists) so it would be good to see rank 3 again.

Formula Synchron was abused in the Plant meta but now Glow Up Bulb is banned. Only Spore is around so I see no reason to keep this card at 1, it would give a push to the synchros a little more.



This is not an official list, just my predictions and my wishes so I take no responsibility for its accuracy. I know many people have other thoughts about some of these cards. We know that Konami has become unpredictable. It doesn’t make sense to make too many thoughts about the upcoming list. We can’t manipulate it, anything can happen.

Let’s just chill on our couch, drink warm tea and wait for the hopefully great new Forbidden & Limited List. Thank you for reading.

Anything can happen

Soner Güngör is a business student in Finance from Germany. Soner is a founding member of United Gosus, and has served as a member of the Player roster since August 2006. To learn more about Soner, please visit his MEMBER PROFILE.

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