Galo Orbea

Hello, everyone! I’m Galo Orbea and I first got introduced to Yu-Gi-Oh! in 2004 when I used to play with friends but started playing at tournaments in 2007. Since then I have been on and off the competitive scene back home in Ecuador. In 2011, I moved to Boston, USA to study Economics and Business Administration. Since then, I have accumulated a total of ten premier tops all with different decks.

I joined United Gosus because I like testing, collaborating, and innovating with this unique group of experienced players. My favorite part about the game is having an excuse to travel, meet new people and being able to see improvement. I also plan to go to a European YCS in the near future. My future goals as a duelist are to: compete in a World Championship, win another YCS and win an Ecuadorian National Championship.

Date of Birth: February 7, 1992
Place of Birth: Quito, ECU
Residence: Quito, ECU
Position: Player
Member Since: 2015
Dueling Network: yami92
Favourite Card: Dark Magician of Chaos – the OG version, not the new one