Sorosh Saberian

Hi there, my name is Sorosh Saberian and I was born in Iran on a cold and windy night. I lived there for 11 years before moving to Ontario, Canada. I started playing Yu-Gi-Oh! at the age of 13 and quit shortly after. A few years passed but the craving that had been left never passed. Due to temptation, I walked into a card shop and there I met Jason Grabher-Meyer. He re-introduced me to the game and I have been playing ever since. As I played the game competitively, I entered Ryerson University, got my Bachelor’s in Commerce, and found a job at WorleyParsons as a Project Reporting Analyst.

In the last 4-5 years where I took the game seriously, I managed to top several events and introduced multiple innovative decks, such as Dark Creator Turbo and Fableds. Unfortunately, I hated the previous two formats and had been very busy with school and work which is why I have been inactive for the last year. The new format (September 2012), however, is very appealing.

Date of Birth: November 28, 1989
Place of Birth: Iran
Residence: Toronto, CAN
Position: Alumnus
Member Since: 2012
Dueling Network: SoroshSaberian
Favourite Card: Dark Armed Dragon – “Such a beast.”



2013 YCS Toronto – 2nd Place
2012 YCS Tacoma – Top 4
2012 YCS Toronto – Top 8
2011 YCS Providence – Top 32
2010 YCS Toronto – Top 16
2010 SJC Edison – Top 4
2008 SJC Toronto – Top 4


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