Rodrigo Togores

Photo Credit: Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH

Hi, I´m Rodrigo Togores, 23 years old, from Madrid, the capital of Spain. I study Media at university and work with renting cars for movies. I speak Spanish, my native, as well as German at high level due to going to German school until I was 18. I also have a good level of English. Traveling, magic tricks, and skiing are my other hobbies I enjoy apart from partying with friends.

I love to play Yu-Gi-Oh! competitively. I love the adrenaline rushing through my body when I am playing in a tournament. My biggest results are wining my first Premier tournament, the 2004 Spanish National Championship when I was 14. I have made it back to the Top Cut of the Spanish National 4-times since. I have also won SJC Orlando in 2009, and the European championship in 2010 with Frog FTK. I have competeted in 3 World Championship events (2 Card Game, 1 Video Game), and finished in the Top 8 of the 2009 DS World championship in Tokyo, Japan.

Apart from Yu-Gi-Oh!, I also play Magic: the Gathering and Poker. As you can see, I love to play intellectual card games and I think one of my biggest skills in gaining an edge over my opponents is the ability to thoroughly read body language. Because of this, I can often know what my opponent is holding or is thinking.

I always have looked up to United Gosus and now I am proud to say that I am a member of them and will work hard to make them proud of me.

Date of Birth: June 5, 1989
Place of Birth: Madrid, ESP
Residence: Madrid, ESP
Position: Alumnus
Member Since: 2012
Dueling Network: Rodrigo Togoroes
Favourite Card:  Relinquished – “Pegasus was the boss with him in the TV show.”



2013 YCS Brussels – Top 32
2013 WCQ: Spanish National Championship – 1st Place
2012 YCS Sheffield – 2nd Place
2012 YCS Toulouse – Top 16
2010 European Championship – 1st Place
2010 Spanish National Championship – Top 8
2010 SJC Los Angeles – Top 8
2009 SJC Orlando – 1st Place
2009 DS World Championship – Top 8
2009 Spanish DS National Championship – 1st Place
2009 Fortune Tour Final Coimbra – Top 8
2009 Fortune Tour Final Toledo – Top 16
2008 Spanish DS National Championship – 3rd Place
2007 Spanish National Championship – 4th Place
2006 Spanish National Championship – 3rd Place
2005 Spanish National Championship – 2nd Place
2004 Spanish National Championship – 1st PlaceRegional
2010 Regional Championship Padis – 1st Place
2009 Tournament of X ECI Sevilla – Top 8
2008 League Arte9-Starlight Madrid – 1st Place
2008 End of Summer Tournament Elche – 1st Place
2008 Tournament 151 Castellón- 3rd Place
2008 Mega Zaragaoza Tournament Zaragoza- 1st Place
2007 Win a Wii Tournament Madrid – Top 8