Long Dao

My Name is Long Dao, I´m 20 years old and I´m from Austria. For now I’m working as a
nurse, helping older folks to get by. In my free time when i´m not playing, I like going out or
hanging out with my friends, or playing League of Legends. I started playing the game at
a age of 15.

There are several reason why I wanted to join United Gosus. The first one are the players
who plays for UG most of them I already know pretty well and are good friends of mine.
The second reason I think I can increase my skill level a lot and can be even more
successful in the future because there are so many things you can learn in this game. Also
its kind of different playing for a team than just on your own on premier events and that
feeling is just great also I think United Gosus is the best team and I want to be a part of it.

Date of Birth: October 30, 1993
Place of Birth: Vienna, AUT
Residence: Vienna, AUT
Position: Alumni
Member Since: 2013
Dueling Network: daolong
Favourite Card:

Premier Non-Premier
2015 WCQ: Czech National Championship – 1st Place
2014 WCQ: Europe – Top 64
2013 WCQ: Austrian National Championship – Top 8
2013 YCS Lille – 1st Place
2013 YCS San Diego – Top 16
2012 YCS Sheffield – Top 32
2012 YCS Leipzig – Top 32
2012 WCQ: European Championship – Top 32
2011 YCS Brighton – Top 32
2011 WCQ: European Championship – Top 8
2011 Austrian National Championship – 1st Place