Adrian Sean Shakir


Hey there duelists, my name is Adrian Sean Shakir. I’m 24 years old and I’m in school studying political science, activism, philosophy, and business. On my spare time, I usually hang out with friends, go out, play poker, and play Yu-Gi-Oh. I got introduce to Yu-Gi-Oh about 12 years ago when I got this random video in the mail with Pegasus inviting me to play Yu-Gi-Oh. Weird right? Well I was a kid at the time and like any kid, I thought this was the coolest thing ever. And pretty much ever since then, I’ve been addicted to this game. Overall, I have been fairly successful and now I’m a newly established member for United Gosus. I would be a great addition to this team because I can offer a different perspective on matters and different ways to look at them.

I’m all about perception and objectivity. My deck theory and philosophy is top notch. That’s what makes me a good player and what I can offer to this team. I would like to thank United Gosus for allowing me to be apart of this organization.

Date of Birth: November 22, 1990
Place of Birth: Bakersfield, CA
Residence: Colorado Springs, CO
Position: Intern, Player
Member Since: 2015
Dueling Network: Sean.
Favourite Card: Dark Magician of Chaos