Galileo De Obaldia – World Championship Report

On August 27, 2015 by Galileo De Obaldia
World Championship 2015 - Day 1

Day 1

The first day of the event was a closed event, meaning, no one was allowed at the event except for the players. I ended up in 1st place going 5 – 0 (10 – 2 in games).


Round 1 vs. Riccardo Loggia (Hero): 2-1

Game 1: He goes first and plays A Hero Lives. Great – my worst match up R1. Fortunately I have Ghost Ogre to try and at least play this game, not so fortunately, he also has a Masked Change in hand. I pass and he drops me low. I try to push through Dark Law + Masked Change, but didn’t luck out.

Game 2 / Game 3: My side deck put in work as it was supposed to. The highlight was when I made an 8000 Wyvern G3, to which he top decked an out, but I was too far ahead.


Round 2 vs. Oliver Parle (Qliphort): 2-1

I expected this to be the most played deck, however, Oli was the only player to pilot it.
Game 1: We both open rough, however I pull it out due to the hands.

Game 2: I open badly, just with Ogres and get blown out by Qlimate Change.

Game 3: He’s grinding me with an 1800, emptiness and 3 other backrow. I summon Denko Sekka, flip decree and win out from there.


Round 3 vs. Noah Greene (Tellarknight): 2-0

Game 2: I get a slow play caution, because I was trying to figure out how to have game. Eventually I attack for game that turn with the help of a Forbidden Chalice.

I cannot state how much fun these games were. Friendliest match I’ve had in a very long time.


Round 4 vs. Jake Phinney (Hero): 2-0

Another Hero match up.
Game 1: He opens Monk into Mist.I chain Ghost Ogre, to which he chains Masked Change 2. I set Torrential and Decree. He pitches for Monk into another Mist, I allow it. He then summons Bubbleman and gets blown out by the patient Torrential.

Game 2: I’m pretty sure I make a minor misplay, but he leaves out a monster with low enough attack for me to attack for game.


Round 5 vs. Miguel Soto (Ritual Beast): 2-0

Game 2: He decides to side deck even though I wasn’t going to. His Mistake + Macro Cosmos field gets blown out by Royal Decree.

Yes! Relief. Even though I didn’t want to admit it, topping this event for me was very important. There is no shame in not topping an event with the world’s best players, but I just needed to do it to prove to myself I could do it again.

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