Luca Chetoni’s Curse

On February 18, 2015 by Kyle Schrader


Luca Chetoni has had a recent string of bubbles and bad beats that have led many to believe that since joining United Gosus, he is cursed to never top again. I sat down with Luca to discuss this “curse”.

Luca Chetoni, thank for you for joining me, for those that do not know you, tell us a little bit about yourself.

“Hi. I’m a 24 year old player, I have been playing since 2005, and I joined UG in 2014.”

In 2014, you were personally recruited by United Gosus and given a sponsorship, a dream for a lot of players. However, some people may believe you are not happy with your current situation; can you talk a little about why that is?

“Joining UG was a dream that become true. Playing for UG and having a sponsorship too is the best thing that can happen for a player of this game. Who says I’m not happy? This is not true and I never said it. I’m paid to play a game that I like, who wouldn’t be happy? A fool maybe.”

Reflecting on all of those events recently that haven’t gone your way, can you describe what went wrong?

“Before UG I had some good results and for that UG recruited me. After UG I didn’t change my way of preparing for an event much, but I even tested more than in the past, but the result still won’t come. The only thing I can say about this is that before UG I played more to have fun but since I joined UG, I felt a little bit stressed. Maybe this thing makes me a little bit nervous and sometimes hasn’t helped.”

YCS Prague is going much more expensive for you than most events, but you’re determined to compete anyway. What, if anything, have you changed in preparation for this event?

“This time I can sincerely say that I didn’t have so much time. This because I had to do a lot of exams and other stuff and I couldn’t test so much like I did for the past events. But I enjoy this game even if just for traveling and to have fun with friends, so I attend YCSs as a little vacation. Anyway, I will try to learn more as i can in few times.”

Is there any advice you can give to people that are going through a similar type of situation?

“I want to say that if you like a thing or you want reach a result you shouldn’t ever give up. You should try to reach your goal every time, and if it doesn’t work just keep trying. This is not just true for hobbies but even in life!”

Whether you realize this or not, your situation is a lot like something Patrick Hoban went through. He had just started writing for The Game Academy or ARG, some avenue for sponsor money, and for the longest time, could not get past the bubble. Now, he’s broken through and easily put himself in the conversation for Top 5 All-Time. One of the key things that helped the light bulb go off for Patrick was a book by Patrick Chaplin called Next Level Magic – have you read this book and can you tell us a bit about it?

“I read about the past of Patrick Hoban, but I have never read this book. I will do it for sure in future (Editor’s Note: After the interview, we got Luca a copy of the book).”

What, if anything, can you take away from Patrick’s recent run of dominance and apply to your own game.

“I think the motivation and the confidence to be very sure of yourself and to become a very good player. Top 16 Battle Pack Draft with Three Freya helps a lot though haha.”

Last question, you used to top a lot of events before you grew that mustache – is that what is holding you back? Or is it the because Illuminati?

“Ahahah – Maybe the mustache sucks all my strength away, but I like it and I will keep it.”

Thank you for your time, Luca. All the best at YCS Prague.

Luca Chetoni is an Law student in Pontedera. Luca has been a member of United Gosus since 2014, serving on our Player roster. To learn more about Luca, please visit his member profile.