Mission, Vision, and Values


Our Mission

To redefine success in competitive Yu-Gi-Oh!

Our Vision

United Gosus will be a world leader that competes in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game, with a roster dedicated to being the best they can be, in a game state, where players places a premium on knowledge, innovation, competition, and skill.

Our Values

  • Collaboration. We firmly believe that nothing incredible can be accomplished alone.
  • Success. We are locked in the endless pursuit of excellence and welcome the public to celebrate our success with us.
  • Integrity. We work, compete, and present ourselves with the utmost integrity and professionalism, without which, everything we do and have accomplished would be empty and meaningless.
  • Innovation. We constantly strive to find more effective and creative ways of competing and conducting ourselves, regardless how subtle; we believe this the key to staying on top.
  • Passion. We love this game; our ambition, motivation, and effort is simply innate.
  • Community. We just want to make this game better for everyone.
  • Diversity. We embrace the diverse culture of the player base that we internationally compete against and openly celebrate the unique character of each of our members.

Strategic Objectives

  • Consistent Success
  • World Championship Retention
  • Enriching Member Experience
  • Engaging the Community