Relive our early years with photos from events circa 2006-2009 through this Facebook Album.


  • United Gosus is founded.
  • Michael Martin wins PT Basel (YCS Predecessor in Europe).
  • Michel Grüner wins PT Hannover.
  • Soner Güngör wins PT Wiesbaden.
  • Roland Gress wins PTF Leipzig.


  • Mike Nguyen appointed President.
  • United Gosus acquires Almighty Playboys (Rival Team).
  • Michel Gruner wins DS World Championship.


  • Members compete outside Europe for the first time at 50th SJC Costa Mesa.
  • Claudio Kirchmair, David Dursun, and Besnik Kajtazi Top 8 European Championship.
  • Claudio Kirchmair places 4th at World Championship.
  • Besnik Kajtazi finishes 3rd in DS World Championship.


  • Roland Gress wins German National Championship.
  • Claudio Kirchmair wins Austrian National Championship.
  • Vittorio Wiktor wins European Championship.
  • Soner Gungor tops DS World Championship.


  • Membership recruitment expands beyond German-speaking nations.
  • Michel Grüner wins first European YCS – YCS Bochum.


  • Kyle Schrader appointed President; Chairman.
  • Michel Grüner wins European Championship.
  • Michel Grüner and Galileo De Obaldia Top 8 World Championship.


  • Massive internal restructuring and recruitment efforts.
  • UnitedGosus.com & Social Media platforms are launched.
  • Simon He tops 8 Premier Events; finishes 2nd at 4000+ person 100th YCS – YCS Long Beach
  • Galileo De Obaldia wins WCQ:Panamaniman Nation Championship for 3rd Time.
  • Rodrigo Togores places 2nd at inaugural Sealed-Pack YCS – YCS Brussels.
  • Patrik Rieder finishes Top 16 at YCS Sheffield


  • Claudio Kirchmair appointed President.
  • Rodrigo Togores wins WCQ: Spanish National Championship for 2nd Time.
  • Michel Grüner defeated Peter Groß in a UG Final at YCS Brussel; Soner Güngör also finished in Top 4. ; Patrik Rieder finished Top 32
  • Michel Grüner finishes 2nd at European Championship.
  • Patrik Rieder wins YCS London
  • Galileo De Obaldia finishes Top 8 at the WCQ: Central America


  • Begin Sponsorship Deal with YugiohCardMarket.EU.
  • Peter Groß wins YCS Paris.
  • Claudio Kirchmair finishes Top 16 at YCS Paris
  • Luca Chetoni finishes Top 32 at the Italian Nationals
  • Peter Groß finished Top 8 at the croatian nationals
  • Bo Tang finishes Top 16 at YCS Anaheim
  • Tom Paine finishes Top 32 at YCS London
  • Galileo De Obaldia finishes top 16 at the WCQ: Central America


  • Soner Güngör become 3rd Place at YCS Prague; Luca Chetoni and Patrik Rieder finished Top 16
  • Soner Güngör finished top 64 at the German Nationals
  • Claudio Kirchmair, Peter Groß and Patrik Rieder finished Top 16 at the Austria Nationals
  • Luca Chetoni become 1st Place at YCS Bochum
  • Luca Chetoni finishes Top 64 At Italian Nationals
  • Galo Orbea finished Top 16 at 150th YCS Columbus while Bo Tang and Adrian Sean Shakir finished Top 32.
  • Galileo De Obaldia become 2nd Place at YCS Bogota
  • Galileo De Obaldia fnishes 3rd Place at Panama Nationals
  • Galileo De Obaldia wins the WCQ: Central America and the invite to WORLDS!
  • Begin Sponsorship Deal with Ultimate Guard


  • Soner Güngör become Vice President
  • United Gosus structure is modified
  • Newcomer Niclas Leichnitz finished Top 16 at YCS Prague
  • Young motivated Michael Dämmig is recruited to our Media section
  • Galo Orbea finished Top 16 at his continentals in South America


  • Soner Güngör retired from the game.
  • Juan Sebastian Andrade from Equador joined United Gosus
  • Galor Orbea finished top 32 at YCS Buenos Aires
  • Galileo De Obaldia become 1st Place at YCS Rio de Janeiro
  • Juan Sebastian Andrade become 1st Place at YCS Buenos Aires


  • Juan Sebastian Andrade finished Top 32 at YCS Atlanta
  • Soner Güngör made a comeback at YCS Bochum and takes the position as Marketing Manager
  • Alberto Marazzi finished Top 32 at YCS Bochum
  • Galileo De Obaldia finishes 4rd Place at YCS Costa Rica 2018