Unfairnity in Berlin

On March 3, 2014 by Rodrigo Togores

Photo Credit: Ricarda Reicher

Hello guys!

I’m back from YCS Berlin in which I ended with a nice 8-2-1 (W-L-D) result and on the 39th place by playing Infernity. I played Infernity since the begin of the format and I think it is a really funny deck. It has a lot of cool moves and you can also win the game on the first turn if you have a little bit luck with your draw. I tested the deck a lot on Dueling Network and IRL tournaments and were pretty successful with it. I also spoke with other good players about Infernity and searched for additional information in forums about it.

Here’s my final decklist for the event:

Monster: 13
Infernity Archfiend
Stygian Street Patrol
Infernity Necromancer
Armageddon Knight
Dark Grepher
Archfiend Heiress

Spell: 12
Mystical Space Typhoon
Night Beam
Instant Fusion
Infernity Launcher
Book of Moon
Reinforcement of the Army
Foolish Burial

Trap: 15
Infernity Break
Infernity Barrier
Vanity’s Emptiness
2 Fiendish Chain
Mirror Force
Dimensional Prison
1 Bottomless Trap Hole
Compulsory Evacuation Device
Torrential Tribute
1 Solemn Warning

Extra Deck: 15
2 Kamionwizard
Number 66: Master Key Beetle
2 Number 101: Silent Honor ARK
1 Number 50: Blackship of Corn
2 Diamond Dire Wolf
Evilswarm Exciton Knight
Lavalval Chain
Abyss Dweller
Gagaga Cowboy
Leviair the Sea Dragon

Side Deck: 15
Zombie World
1 Dark Hole
1 Nobleman of Crossout
1 Mind Control
Dimensional Fissure
Dust Tornado
Full House
2 Overworked
Trap Stun

I will give you now a few explanations on certain card choices.

No Upstart Goblin:
Nowadays there is a big hype about this card. I tried it in this deck some time ago but I didn’t liked it. I tested Upstart Goblin at an event in Madrid and it happened some times, that I had a combo hand but if I would activate Upstart Goblin and draw a monster then I wouldn’t be able to perform the combo anymore. It also happened, that I made my combo but ended with only 1 Infernity back row card and Mystical Space Typhoons (only 1 real trap). In other words, Upstart Goblin was more a risk instead of a benefit for me. And I would always draw the monster when I took the risk and shortly lose afterwards. So this means that Upstart Goblin was only good when my hand was not able to combo and this usually didn’t happen very often. Therefore I took the safe choice and excluded it from my deck.

No Summoner Monk:
Summoner Monk is a great card in this deck but a friend explained me his view about it and it made sense overall. Usually if you open with Summoner Monk you just win but if the Summoner Monk play fails, then you’re in a really bad spot. That means that if your opponent goes first or he has Effect Veiler then the chance is pretty high that you high risk – high reward play is going to fail. I preferred to play with the Armageddon Knight engine because I like to maintain card advantage. I was also able to combo a lot without Summoner Monk and this reinforced my decision.

Triple Night Beam:
I didn’t liked Trap Stun because it’s only good on your second turn. It gives your opponent 2 turns in the worst case to set up his defence and that’s too much. Also if you activate Trap Stun and your opponent has Book of Moon or a hand trap then you wasted it and the grind game would put you in a better situation instead. Nowadays most of the played back rows are just bad and too situational. This means that if your opponent has 3 back rows and you destroy one with Mystical Space Typhoon and use Night Beam on the another  one then you can try your combo because Infernity usually has a backup plan to continue your combo on the next turn if the first attempt gets stopped. You try to simplify the game state and win afterwards and Night Beam helps you with it.

Double Vanity’s Emptiness:
I have played 2 all the time in this deck and it’s a card which is broken in some matchups but also not good in others. But at least against any deck it’s good because you can just activate it before your opponent makes a XYZ summon or in response to Coach Soldier Wolfbark. I sided it out for some matchups but it’s really good in the harder ones like Mermail and Hieratic.

Just one Mirror Force/Dimensional Prison:
Before the event I played 2 Mirror Force all the time but I was thinking on changing them for 2 Dimensional Prison. My opponent is only going to have one monster and that the monster is better removed from the game rather than in the graveyard (due to Coach Soldier Wolfbark, Stardust Dragon, etc.) and I decided that it would be a better plan to play 2 Dimensional Prison. Some time later I thought that if my opponent will only see a Dimensional Prison and no Mirror Force then he will assume that I don’t play Mirror Force and will start to play really aggressive. In that case he will fall victim to my single Mirror Force which is only waiting for 2 or more attacking monsters. It’s always hard to predict if your opponent plays both cards if you know that Dimensional Prison is the overall more solid choice. By playing just one each I ensure that my opponent will never know what to expect and this psychological advantage helped me during the event.

No Transmodify or Archfiend Palabyrinth:
Both cards are win more cards in hands which you would win anyways and a solid -1 in bad hands. I wanted to make sure that I will draw consistent hands and not try to increase the chance to fail because I want to combo more than needed. That’s the reason why I decided to play without them.

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