UG Decklists from WK11

On July 8, 2013 by Claudio Kirchmair



United Gosus decklists from WCQ: National Championships competed in during Week 11(June 23-June 30) of the 2013 World Qualifiers. The WCQ: National Championship competed in was in Frankfurt.


WCQ: European Championship
This event has held June29-30, 2013 in Frankfurt, Germany.

Soner Güngör w/ SWAGONS (5-3)


Additional Comments: Wouldn’t change a thing.

Claudio Kirchmair w/ DRAGONS (4-1-3 )


Additional Comments: I thought it would be great against Prophecy with 2 Droll & Lock Bird in the main deck but if you don’t face too many Prophecy decks then this deck is weaker against the other decks. Also if you play against Prophecy and you play only two Droll & Lock Bird then I wish you good luck to draw them at all. I would recommend to concentrate more on the overall match-ups rather than one single one and run cards which are good against everything. I don’t like Droll & Lock Bird and I would rather try to find a card that breaks the broken Prophecy opening field (Jowgen, Magician, Fate). I would only run one Tsukoyomi instead of two because you never want to draw into the second one. If you don’t own Last Day of the Witch then I recommend you run Lightning Vortex instead. If you play against Dragons, you need a third Maxx “C” and you can also decide if you want to side into DDV since it protects you from hand traps such as electric virus and lets you also otk under scarecrow.


Long Dao w/ DRAGONS (8-2-1)


Additional Comments: Kycoo was the best card in the main deck and won me a lot of games. My side was good against prophecy and dragons but I had nothing against evilswarm (played against 4 and lost against 2).

Rodrigo Togores w/ DRAGONS (7-3-1)


Additional Comments: I would try to reduce the deck down to 40 cards. In the extra deck I would take out Wyvern or the third Big Eye for Black Rose because I never needed more than 2 of each card, although they are good options. In the side deck I would play Tsukoyomi. Eev als did not work out for me. Overall I felt the deck was really good.

Michel Grüner w/ DRAGONS (8-1-2 ) – 2nd place


Additional Comments: I would change my sidedeck, but maindeck was really good. This deck was built to beat Dragons.

 Peter Gross w/ PROPHECY (8-2-1)


Patrik Rieder w/ DRAGONS (2-3)


Additional Comments: I liked the deck except for the Droll and Lock Bird because I never had them G1 against Prophecy but always against other Decks. It would´ve been better to dedicate the main against Dragons and then side for the Prophecy match-up.