Tournament Report from WCQ: Germany

On June 9, 2014 by Soner Güngör

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Hi Everyone,

Here is my tournament report from my Germany Championship 2014, which was held on 31st of May. I want to give you a little insight of my nationals, my matches and the current metagame. Furthermore I will show you how I prepared myself for the tournament.

Preparation & Theory

Two-three weeks before my nationals, I was pretty sure I would play Madolches because I thought they were really strong and they also won me some non-premier events, therefore I became confident with them. Madolche has powerful plays that give you card advantage with one big move, similar to the old Wind-Up. The deck has its own Elemental Hero Stratos, Lonefire Blossom, Wind-Up Rat and 3 powerfull spell and trap cards named Madolche Ticket, Madolche Chateau and Madolchepalooza.

With PRIO a new Deck became very powerful and popular, the HAT deck which plays Fire Hands and Ice Hands and the Traptrix Monster as Normal Summons and the Artifacts as Special Summons which also interrupt opponent plays. So after YCS Philadelphia and Ice Hand and Fire Hand became staple in many Main or Side Decks.

One of the reasons why I didn’t want to play madolche anymore was that Madolche Ticket and Madolche Chateau are easy targets for those Hands and I wouldn’t have always an out for them in 10-11 Rounds of Swiss.

The second reason was that many people started to play Maxx “C” in the Main Deck, a card that is very annoying if you need to break their field. If you continue and your opponent has a trap to stop your XYZ Summons, you will lose.

Third reason was that I felt the deck is not consistent enough for a big tournament with many rounds. Sometimes I drew only hand traps, sometimes only Monsters and I couldn’t find a good ratio to make it as consistent as I wanted.

The fourth and last reason was Full House, this card is really devastating against Madolches. In my testing my opponents always used this powerful card to destroy all my spell or traps.

After I decided not to play Madolche, I had to think what I could play instead. Before I started playing Madolche, I played Geargia and also won many non-premier tournaments with it. I really like this deck and felt satisfied with it. As I saw that 11 of 32 played Geargia at YCS Philadelphia, I started to build it again and adapt it to the upcoming meta with the new deck called HAT.

After some testings at non-premier events and locals I noticed that this deck is a good metacall for my nationals because I predicted that many people would netdeck the HAT deck and I would have a pretty good match-up versus them. I now tried to find the perfect decklist of Geargia. I tested all my theories online versus my teammates, since I won most of the games and I started to feel confident with Geargia again.

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