Top 32 Report YCS Bochum 2018 – Alberto Marazzi

On February 27, 2018 by Soner Güngör

We have Alberto Marazzi and his report from YCS Bochum:

YCS Bochum was unbelievable, almost 2000 people showed up this last weekend to compete in what was the biggest European YCS up to date and I’m glad I ended up 20th place after Swiss even though I lost to Pendulum Magician in top 32. Anyway, in the last few weeks, I didn’t have so much free time due to exams and I didn’t wanna play Pendulum due to lack of testing, so I just focused on what could have been the deck that would easily beat Pendulum. My choice was True Draco with no extra deck.


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Now let’s get into the tournament:

Round 1: Burning Abyss: 2-0

G1: I started with Master Peace 3 back row, he Twin Twistered 2 of them and Skill Drain was chained to his Tour Guide’s effect.

G2: I Evenly his 4 back row and that was it.

Round 2: Pendulum: 2-0

G1: Master Peace and Anti-Spell were enough.

G2: My opponent did a huge mistake forgetting a face up Diagram and by entering Battle Phase and attacking with his Borreload over my Master Peace, he gave me that game.

Round 3: Pendulum: 2-0

I played a friend of mine, Gianluca Vagnoni from Rome

G1: I started with Demise, 4 back row.

G2: He had a pretty bad hand.

Round 4: Lightsworn: 2-1

G1: He bricked, setting one monster and the game basically finished one turn later.

G2: He combo’d me with brilliant, etc.

G3: Was decided by Master Peace and Anti-Spell.

Round 5: Pendulum: 2-0

G1: No relocation, I just remember I won.

G2: Was decided by Amano-Iwato plus Raigeki, and that was enough.

Round 6: Pendulum: 0-2

I don’t remember this match too well, but I do remember I getting FTK’d.

Round 7: True Draco: 2-1

I asked my opponent if he had an Extra Deck, then decided to let him start.

G1: I basically smashed his field the turn after.

G2: He Evenly’d me.

G3: Double Master Peace on board was enough to win.

Round 8: Pendulum: 2-1

Last round of day 1 was played around 11 pm and winning this die roll was very relevant.

G3: Anti-Spell plus Maiden and Apocalypse set was enough for my opponent to scoop.

Round 9: Pendulum (Alpay Engin): 2-1

G1: Played a friend again, even though I won dice roll, i had a pretty bad hand and lost.

G2: Was pretty linear and a Ghost Ogre on his Electrumite was enough.

G3: Shut down his combo.

Round 10: Trickstar: 0-2

G1: He had Ogre, Droll and Lock and Reincarnation.

G2: I opened Apocalypse, Disciples, Erupt, Raigeki, and Return.

Round 11: Pendulum: 2-1

For the third event in a row I was on the bubble and I didn’t wanna end up losing like in YCS Dallas and YCS Prague 2.

G3: I went first and opened pretty bad, I literally just had Master Peace and Anti-Spell and I prayed he didn’t have any Purple Poison to pop my Anti-Spell and he didn’t.

I finished with a 9-2 record placing me 20th after swiss.

Top 32: Pendulum: 1-2

G3: I basically bricked, passed turn with just Diagram, Dreiath III and Demise set, which of course was not enough to survive for a turn.

Either way, I can’t complain about the tournament and the deck choice I ended up making. Thanks to everyone for the support and see you guys at the next event!

Finally, I would like to give a big shoutout to UG and every single member I met up with this past weekend: you’re great guys. Also, a shoutout to Luca Chetoni, who has always been and will always be there for me. Shoutout to Marcello, your 20th top will come (maybe next year <3).