The United Gosus Ranking System

On April 2, 2015 by Claudio Kirchmair

Photo Credit: Peter Gross

Hi Everyone!

Do you remember the days when Upper Deck Entertainment (UDE) was licensed to manufacture the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game? During this time there was a rating system for Yu-Gi-Oh! players on their website and it was one of my most beloved tools. I watched this list a lot and after every tournament I checked how much my rating and ranking increased and if I was able to surpass another player. First I tried to climb the Austrian and later the European ladder. I always knew my rivals because they had more points and a better rank. Nowadays there is no such tool. You have to check the websites of different Yu-Gi-Oh! teams to know the leading players out there. There is also no way to see where you stand compared to them.

Of course, you can go to the TCG Premier Events and Top Players List from DuelistGroundz which is maintained by Patrick Hoban but it only counts how often you reached the top cut of a tournament and its focus is mostly on American tournaments. Thus, it is not optimal for what I wanted to do.

One day I decided that I wanted to change that. I wanted to create a rating system for premier events to rank all the top Yu-Gi-Oh! players out there and it took me a pretty long time to collect all the data from past tournaments. I had to translate different languages and use special search strings to find hidden stuff on YouTube or Yu-Gi-Oh! forum.

Thanks for the help everyone offered me for this task! Finally with the help of my team United Gosus, I present you the first version of my ranking list and I hope that you will have as much fun as I had when I browsed through it. Maybe you will find your name on it.

Don’t be afraid to click it:


Soner aka Duelrock88​ also did a video about it, where he explains our thought process behind it and how it works:

About The Author:

Claudio Kirchmair is the President of United Gosus and has been a member since 2008. For more information on Claudio check out his member profile.