The Supreme Duelist! – The Clash Of The Legends!

On July 17, 2015 by Soner Güngör

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Hello Fellow Duelists,

Today I would like to talk about my own new side project “The Supreme Duelist” which is created and organized by myself. As some of you may have heard already, I started a secret project with my own YouTube Channel “Duelrock88” which is called “The Supreme Duelist”. Now many people may wonder what is the “Supreme Duelist”? What kind of tournament is it? Who are the participants and what is so special about it? Well, I am very proud and honored to reveal you today what the mystery of the “Supreme Duelist” is about.

Many of you know that I’ve been playing Yu-Gi-Oh! for over 10 years now and I don’t regret any moment of it. With this project I fulfilled a long time dream. Have you ever wished to have the opportunity to watch the best and most fabulous players in the whole world competing in one single elimination tournament? How amazing would that be? I know there are the World Championships each year with many great players and I truly love to watch them. However, some of the Worlds participants in the past simply had the luckiest day ever at their WCQ and you never see them again on screen. In my 10 years experience, I can say that the average amount of outstanding players in the tops at big events are ~10% (+/-5%). This means in a YCS with a Top 32 cut, you will probably have ~ 3 (-1/+2) outstanding players. By outstanding players, I mean players with at least 9/10 skill-scale. What if there existed a tournament containing full of outstanding players from the whole world dueling for the ultimate glory? Honestly, I already get goosebumbs when I hear that. Every competitive player is searching for the ultimate challenge are they not? It is my yugi-dream to watch or attend such a unique event. This desire is now awakened through the SUPREME DUELIST! The clash of the LEGENDS!

The original idea was to present the community many stunning matches of the best players in history so they can enjoy watching them and eventually become better players. The chosen tournament players will have the unique chance to show their true skill in such a legendary field with fabulous players from all over the world! How often do you have the opportunity to do that?

Every year I will send 16 exclusive invitations to potential players for this tournament. They are chosen by me based on their past accomplishments (callable at the UnitedGosusRanking) and recent performances. These 16 players will have 7 days time to respond to my invitation whether they want to participate or not. If they decline or don’t respond in time, their spot goes to another potential player. Believe me, making a list with only 16 players from the whole world was a pain! I thought long and hard about the potential players and ended up with at least 30 on my list. I had to make difficult decisions and I do apologize if some of your favorite players didn’t make it on my list. There is always next year. Some of my top favorites didn’t even respond back to my invitation. I don’t know why, maybe they are busy. I know many people deserved a spot here but let’s not dwell on that, let’s start looking forward to this awesome and unique event! As you may have already seen on my announcement video on my channel, the first 4 players are revealed and it’s already starting off huge with former and new World Championship participants!

  1. Michel Grüner (Germany) (European Champion 2011, Sealed YCS Champion, 1x World Championship attendee!)
  2. Luca Chetoni (Italy) (YCS Bochum 2015 Champion!)
  3. Noah Greene (U.S.A.) (North America Champion 2015, 1x World Championship attendee!)
  4. Oliver Parle (New Zealand) (Oceana Champion 2012, Oceana Champion 2015, 2x World Championship attendee!)

The 12 remaining players from the Supreme Duelist will be revealed one by one on my Facebook page “Duelrock88” every evening at 8 p. m. CEST (= 2 p.m. New York, = 11 a.m. Los Angeles, = 3 a.m. Tokyo). To make things more exciting, those who got an invitation don’t know the other opponents until then. It was forbidden to talk about the Supreme Duelist like in the bestseller movie “Fight Club”.

Now, what are the prizes for the winner of this tournament? The winner will get the prestigious title “ THE SUPREME DUELIST” and can say that he is the best of the best! I guess for many people the title alone would be enough but he will also get a guarantee invite for next year and a BYE for the first round! Furthermore he will receive a gorgeous glass globe trophy which is absolutely stunning (26cm high)! Last, but not least, he will receive a $100 travel stipend to any future Yu-Gi-Oh Trip!

I hope I brought light to the mystery of the Supreme Duelist and I hope you are as excited for this event as I am. As a little side note, I spent a lot of time on this project because it was always a dream of mine. Everything is organized and sponsored by myself and there are no external sponsors involved just to show a spectacular event for you guys!

Thanks a lot for reading and I hope you all appreciate this unique project by leaving a like, comment or share.

May the best tactician win!

Soner Güngör is an Office Manager in Finance and is studying economic business in Germany. Soner is a founding member of United Gosus, and has served as a member of the Player roster since August 2006. To learn more about Soner, please visit his Member Profile.