Daniele Stella Released

United Gosus (UG) has parted ways with Daniele Stella. Effective as of April 28, 2015.

27th Apr

The United Gosus Ranking System

The idea and creation of the United Gosus Raning list explained.

02nd Apr

Peter controlling Mermail

Photo Credit: Ricarda Reicher Do you want to know how Peter Gross...

30th Apr

Unfairnity in Berlin

Photo Credit: Ricarda Reicher Hello guys! I’m back from YCS Berlin in...

03rd Mar

Rieder’s Madrid Masters Report

Photo Credit: Ricarda Reicher Hello and welcome to my review of the...

15th Feb

A Tribute to Cyber Dragon

Photo Credit: Ricarda Reicher HISTORY OF CYBER DRAGON Cyber Dragon made its...

10th Feb

UG Decklists from London

Photo Credit: Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH United Gosus decklists from the Premier...

08th Nov

One Strategy To Rule Them All!

Photo Credit: Ricarda Reicher Today I am writing about the Dragon Ruler...

29th Oct

Claudio Kirchmair’s Top 5 Picks From Judgment of the Light

Welcome, my name is Claudio Kirchmair and I want to present five...

07th Aug