Peter Gross – It’s a Trap … Trick

On September 26, 2013 by Peter Gross
Peter Gross - It's a Trap ... TrickPhoto Credit: Ricarda Reicher

Hey Guys!

Lately I was messing around with Traptrix and here are the results!

Peter Gross - Traptrix

The „Loop“

You need Traptrix Nepenthes plus a „Hole“ trap card. When you use your trap you add Traptrix Myrmeleo to your hand. Use it to search for the next trap and repeat.

The Problem

This loop is good, but it fails if your opponent has already established a board because your traps only trigger on Summons.

The Solution

To get rid of Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack, I use Neo Spacian Grand Mole, D.D. Warrior Lady and Compulsory Evacuation Device. I also added Mage Power to have more outs to Scrap Dragon and Flamevell Guard (It has a lot of DEF).

Why so much Spell/Trap removal?

Easy answer: Dragon’s Ravine (Terraforming), Dragunity Phalanx, D.D.R. or Skill Drain. There is always something to destroy. I also added one Twister so I can save my Dust Tornados/MSTs to kill Return from the Different Dimension during the end phase. It will also help me to get rid off Royal Decree during game 2 and 3.

Other choices

Kycoo is good for obvious reasons. I also need monsters which can run over Dragunity Dux (>= 1700 ATK); this turned out to be a serious problem.

Side Deck

I side in Maxx “C” against Dragon Ruler, if my opponent goes first and Mystical Refpanel if I do.

Why no…

… Lonefire Blossom/third Nepenthes? The loop is good, but it’s not needed and I don’t want to play too many Monsters. I always want to open with 1-2 monsters and 4 protection cards.

… Vanity’s Emptiness? I only want to play „hard“ removals; I actually want my opponent to summon monsters.

… Main Deck Maxx “C”? As I mentioned earlier, Dragunity Dux has a lot of ATK – I won’t encourage my opponent to let it stay on the Field and handle it when he tries to summon it.

Here can you see the deck in action when I played it in the finals of the 2nd United Gosus Championship:

The mistakes I made during the Final

First play (Yes, I started the game with a flaw)

I added Bottomless Trap Hole to my hand. While testing I usually searched Bottomless Trap Hole to beat Dragunity Dux but this time I had Mirror Force so there was no need to fear Draunity Dux.

The right move would have been to add Void Trap Hole to have a good answer to Blackrose Dragon.

At 00:50

I should have used Mirror Force on Card Trooper and save my Cloak and Dagger for later. I thought about this, but I couldn’t overcome myself to Mirror Force on a Card Trooper even though I knew that it was the right move.

At 02:20

I should have chained Twister to D.D.R.. Honestly, I didn’t because I forgot about Formula Synchron. I was confused because most of the Tokens I came across lately were at level 3 and so I only thought about Amory Arm. This was a very stupid mistake.

That’s it for my first article for United Gosus and I hope you enjoyed reading. It was a pleasure to give you some insight on my reasoning when trying to build/play an unconventional deck.

And don’t forget: 

You need UG to spell yUGi!

About The Author:

Peter Gross is the Vice-President, Players of United Gosus and has been a member since 2013. For more information on Peter check out his member profile.