Tournament Report – Top 8 – Spanish Nationals 2018 by Galo Orbea

WCQ: Spain Nationals 2018  Tournament Report Hello United Gosus nation!  It’s been...

11th May

Metagame Report – April 2018 by Adrian Dursun

Hello everybody. I am Adrian Dursun and in the following article, I...

09th May

Metagame Impact #2 – Structure Deck: Lair Of Darkness

Hey Yu-Gi-Oh community, todays article is co-written again. This time it’s been...

20th Apr

Tournament Report – 4th Place – Costa Rica

Hi guys, Galileo de Obaldia here with a brief report from YCS...

27th Mar

Metagame Impact #1 – Called by The Grave

    Called by the Grave Dear community, we are Dario Sender...

19th Mar

Metagame Report – March 2018

  Hello everybody, I’m Jared Stone and this is my first article...

10th Mar

YCS Atlanta Report Juan Andrade Sebastian

Hello guys Juan Sebastian back again with a new ycs report this...

01st Mar

Top 32 Report YCS Bochum 2018 – Alberto Marazzi

We have Alberto Marazzi and his report from YCS Bochum: YCS Bochum...

27th Feb

Heavymetalfoes Electrumite – A Pendulum Deck’s best friend!

  Heavymetalfoes Electrumite     Secret rare Link 2 1800 atk Bottom...

26th Jan

YCS – Buenos Aires tournament reports by Juan Sebastian Andrade (1st place) and Galo Orbea (TOP32)

Hello again, UG nation! Yet again, it’s been a while, I’m here...

08th Dec

Galileo de Obaldia’s 1st Place YCS Rio de Janeiro Tournament Report

Hey guys this is Galy, To be honest I wasn´t even planning...

16th Nov
Galileo de Obaldia’s 1st Place YCS Rio de Janeiro Tournament Report

Hey guys, this is Adrian Sean Shakir, I am proud to write...

26th Sep