YCS London Report: Federico Zoppini

On November 3, 2014 by Federico Zoppini


Round 1 vs Samurai

No problems for this match it was a quick 2-0


Round 2 vs Satellarknight

I had a good opening game 1 and I won easy.

Game 2 I lost because had a really bad hand.

Game 3 was really difficult but I won beating down with my Shaddoll Dragon and Shaddoll Squamata.


round 3 vs Gigaplant

He won the dice role and he started with a super combo ending on Stardust Dragon, T.G. Hyper Librarian, Power Tool Dragon, Gigaplant and Vanity’s Emptiness set so I immediately scoop.

Game 2 I started with a good hand but at a my opponent then destroys my El Shaddoll Winda and starting with his super combo. I won this game because he was really unlucky with Power Tool Dragons effect.

Game 3 he started with 3 Synchros on the field and no set spell/trap; I didnt open Shaddoll fusion but a Mathematician into Felis, Lightsworn Archer opened the field for me and I wont from there.


round 4 vs satellarknight

I won 2-1 in a linear match without anything to be noted.


round 5 vs Shaddoll Artifact (Peter Gross)

Feature match…. in both games my hand was literally perfect but still game 1 was much fought.


Round 6 vs spellbook

he won the dice role and started with High Priestess of Prophecy, The Grand Spellbook Tower and a set. My turn I used Shaddoll Fusion discarding Shaddoll Dragon and Shaddoll Beast and he flipped Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror.

I won second game easy.

I lost game 3 because when we both were at little life I didnt expect 2 Mirror Force.


Round 7 vs Shaddoll Artifact

I won an long Game 1 but I lost really quickly Game 2.

Game 3 I made a big mistake, he had Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning, 1 set, 1 card in hand. I had Trap Stun set, Shaddoll Falco in hand and I top decked Mind Control. Instead of banishing BLS I tried to go for Leo, the Keeper of the Sacred Tree and win because of my Trap Stun set, but my opponent flipped Super Polymerization that gave him the win.


Round 8 vs Burning Abyss

Game 1 I negated all his Tour Guide from the Underworld with Vanity’s Emptiness, Breakthrough Skill and Solemn Warning so i quickly took the win.

Game 2 was a long fight but in the end I won


Round 9 vs Shaddoll Artifact (Giovanni Paolini)

it was against my Italian friend, so i was not happy about the pairing. I lost game 1 because I had El Shaddoll Construct on the field and he had Shaddoll Falco and Mathematician face up, he top decked Soul Charge and made number 61: Volcasaurus.

I won easy Game 2 because of 2 mistake’s by my opponent.

I won game 3 because he was never able to reach a light monster in the grave to summon his Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning.


Round 10 vs Shaddoll Artifact

I won 2-1 after losing Game 1. In the final turn of time I won because an Compulsory Evacuation Device to stop his Soul Charge play to make number 61: Volcasaurus and win.


Round 11 vs Shaddoll Artifact (Davide Romano)

Again against my italian friend.

I won a very long game 1 but I still would have lost game 2 even if my opening hand was really good.

Game 3 was 1 minute before time. I was able to do 1900 dmg with Shaddoll Dragon than he summoned Leo, Keeper of the Sacred Tree to try to make big damage but I had 2 Artifact Sanctum set so I took the game in this way.

9-2 came 18th after swiss.

Top 32 against Chaos Shaddoll (Marco Mazzuoccolo)

I had to take my revenge against him because he defeated me in top 32 of Italian Nationals 4 years ago but the result was the same of that time. I lost game 1, won game 2 and started game 3 with an absolutely dreadful hand and he otk me turn 2.

You can check out my deck list here: http://www.unitedgosus.com/ug-decklists-london14/

That’s my tournament report for YCS London, thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it.

Federico Zoppini is a Energy Engineering Student from Padova, Italy. Federico has been a member of United Gosus since 2014 and is currently serving as part of the Player roster. For more information about Federico, check out his member profile.