On September 26, 2016 by Merlin Schumacher

Hey guys, this is Adrian Sean Shakir,

I am proud to write my very first article for United Gosus. For my first article, I will go over my 2nd place deck list I played at CO Springs regional this last weekend. The deck I used was no other than Phantom Knight Burning Abyss. I know, it isn’t very original, however there are reasons why I always gravitate to this deck. So I will go over why I decided to play Burning Abyss, show you my deck list, and go over my theory on my deck choices.

First off, I know people must be sick of Burning Abyss after 2 years of surviving the ban list, even I will admit I am. However, the main reasons why I always gravitate to this deck, spite this sickness, is because of a perspective that holds tremendous value. Now when I play a deck, I choose to play it not because I always play it, therefore justifies there is some sort of “emotional attachment” I have for it. No, this is simply not the case. It’s because of certain concepts the deck imposes within itself that have logical legitimacy to play it. These concepts are consistency and adaptability.

Now as we all know, Yu-Gi-Oh has always been game that had a factor of luck in it. Because of this factor, it is up to the competitive player to minimize that, and maximize the skill. Overall, to increase the factor of that skill, consistency is a huge priority. Even today, I don’t understand how some players can justify, “My deck bricked, nothing I can do it about it.” This way of thinking is an epidemic. It makes an excuse to find a solution within the problem itself. I understand you cannot control when you bricked but you can control how much it happens. This is why consistency is so important. Going into a 8 to potentially 12 round tournament, you’re going to want your deck to ideally perform at a level of what it’s suppose to every match. To do this, you need to inevitably maximize the consistency. This formula is what Burning Abyss have always had, and this is one of the main reasons why I always choose to play it.

The second reason is because of it’s adaptability. Looking at the history of Burning Abyss these past 2 years, it has always found success in different ways. This is huge, a deck being able to adapt itself to the meta accordingly through its always changing state is an amazing quality. We’ve seen Burning Abyss with 15 – 20 traps, with no traps, even mixing itself with other decks, such as Burning Abyss Shaddolls, Burning Abyss Monarchs, and now Phantom Knight Burning Abyss. Being able to have this flexibility means that the deck is versatile. In such a diverse and nonstop changing meta-game. having this trait gives Burning Abyss great legitimacy to play it.

Overall, these two concepts are the reasons why I played the deck. I don’t judge anything by its face value, I understand its true characteristics. To harness this perspective will ultimately not only make you a better player, but a better person.

Now, onto the decklist.


Now I will not going go over the basics, because by now, you guys should know that. I will go over the abnormal choices I made in this list.

Pot of Desire has reasonably lived up to its height as you noticed the 3 copies. I can say the card was great. However, there were times when I drew the card in situations when I didn’t want it. Therefore, there is justification in playing 2. Nonetheless, going forward I definitely recommend at least that amount.

I can say, undoubtedly, Burning Abyss Libic is next important Burning Abyss monster behind the staples. With only 1 Beatrice, there is a lack of power plays. Because of so, having access to the other cards in your extra using a mix of Burning Abyss monsters and Phantom Knights/ Speedroids has become a bigger priority. Libic fixes that problem and being able to do that multiples times a game will be apparent.

Rank Magic Astral Force was a personal tech that would give me an edge vs the mirror. Also, having Farfa as a material can open up better disruption, worst case, you can bounce back used Fog Blades.

3 Solemn Strike seems like too much but I can confidently say that was the best card for me last weekend. Again, with only access to 1 Beatrice lowers the power ceiling of the deck. Traps (ie control) is a good way to make up for this. Solemn strike is a perfect candidate for it. Going forward, 3 Strike is staple.

Other than this, everything else seems explainable. So I really do hope you guys enjoyed this article and learned something from it. Til next time duelists.

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