Michael Dämmig



Hi, my name is Michael Dämmig and I started playing Yu-Gi-Oh! in 2011 just for fun with my brother. I never actually played the top tier decks, but I still managed to top the german nationals in 2015 and some regionals before. I really like the strategy of the game, the new decks and especially the card artworks. I am drawing since I was 4 years old and I am still trying to improve. My goal is to work in the industry after university. I think Yu-Gi-Oh is an inspiration and a great way to exercise the brain. Right now I am learning to do 3D art and animations on the computer, but I am still doing concept arts in 2D, whether in Photoshop or on paper.


Name: Michael Dämmig
Date of Birth: June 23, 1996
Residence: Cologne, Germany
Position: Media Manager
Member since: March 2016
Occupation: Prospective student in visual arts. Currently an independent artist
YouTube Channel: CardJournalist
Facebook Page: CardJournalist
Favourite Card: Red Dragon Archfiend